Rectus Diastasis Exercises to Rebuild Your Core After Diastasis Recti (The Post Natal Tummy)

Diastasis prevails in mommies who have actually repeated pregnancies, are older than 35, or provide twins, multiples, or an infant with a high birth weight. Diastasis Recti takes place when the abdomen stretches throughout pregnancy and separates at the center, leaving a space. When those muscles come apart, the stubborn belly may bulge out, triggering a “pooch” that can make a woman look pregnant long after she has offered birth.

If you are handling diastasis recti, you need to avoid doing exercises that can make the separation even worse, such as crunches, slabs, and twists. Learning to use your deep core to raise your legs is very important. And enhancing the transverse abdominals, the inmost layer of abs, is essential.

Diastasis Recti Workouts

Start by pushing your back. I like to do these exercises on a prop called the Parasetter, due to the fact that it helps me direct my breath to the ideal place as I work. If you do not have a Parasetter, try placing a rolled up yoga blanket or towel between your shoulder blades. And if you do not have either of those, just rest on the floor.

Remember to contract your pelvic floor as you exhale, and keep your core engaged throughout the exercises.

1. Hold a magic circle, yoga block, or squishy ball above your chest, arms directly. Squeeze in as you picture covering your front ribs together, and engaging your oblique muscles and pelvic flooring muscles.

2. Extend your arms overhead without letting your ribs open. Use the abs to draw everything in. Then return to the start position.

3. Lift your legs to table top, mindfully keeping whatever attracted. Slowly lower one leg at a time to tap your toes on the flooring. If you see fooling in your abs, don’t drop your toes all the way to the floor. Alternatively, you can place your feet flat on the flooring and use your core muscles to lift each foot a few inches at a time.

4. With the circle, block, or ball between your legs, and your feet flat on the flooring, raise your butt up until your back kinds a straight line from knees to shoulders. Really focus on engaging your pelvic floor and inner thigh muscles as you breathe out and raise up into the hip bridge. Then breathe in as your lower back down. And repeat.